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The ELHO Tube 2020 ACI was designed in Finland for the quick and safe baling of heavy silage bales and its manufacture began as early as 1993. This machine is designed to withstand Nordic conditions and is exported all over the world. The Tube 2020 ACI has a very durable and high structure: the tube leaves the machine at a right angle, the machine is equipped with its own hydraulic system with two pumps, it features smooth plastic overlapping, automatic plastic film monitoring, and the option of additional plastic at the bale seam.


Anderson designs and builds reliable equipment, high quality and innovative design, which can achieve maximum performance and provide operation that requires the intervention of a single person.The company has three main product lines for work or silage loading and furnishings.We also offer a range of practical accessories and special equipment for agricultural, forestry or other types of work.


Unia Bale Wrappers are imported by our sister Company, Colac Ag, the Twister is a tailed bale wrapper with front loading


Preserve the quality of your crops and minimise heat and oxygen damage. By wrapping the bales of crops as quickly as possible, you do not give oxygen the chance to contaminate the fermentation process. Combined with the right amount of foil layers, the quality of the feed is preserved for a long time.

With a smart loading arm, the wrapper picks up the bales easily. It even picks up the next bale while the machine is busy wrapping. You can easily configure the amount of layers of bale wrap depending on the crop; the wrapping table does the rest. Lely Attis wrappers are designed to properly place the bales on the ground without damaging the bale wrap.

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